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Opening’s concert
Thursday, 29th June at 6 pm
(by Dina Ivanova – free entrance)

III Category
Presentation of competitors              Thursday, 29th June at 6 pm
Performances                                    Friday, 30th June

II Category
Presentation of competitors              Friday, 30th June at 8 pm
Performances                                    Saturday, 1st July

I Category
Presentation of competitors              Saturday, 1st July 8 pm
Performances                                   Sunday, 2nd July (morning)

Awards ceremony and concert of the winners  Sunday, 2nd July at 7 pm

Performances in all categories will be in alphabetical order determined by the first letter of each candidate’s family name. The starting letter for the 1st Ricard Viñes Piano Kids and Youth will be determined by de organization. The exact schedule of the performance for each competitor will be given after the presentation of the competitors in their category.