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June 30th to July 3rd, 2022
LLEIDA, Catalonia (Spain)
Open to pianists of all nationalities born I the year 2005 or later


The pleasant town of Lleida, birthplace of Ricard Viñes and Enric Granados, is located in Catalonia, an hour by train from Barcelona and two hours from Madrid. The competition takes place in the magnificent auditorium Enric Granados. The music conservatory is in the same building, so that all participants have practice rooms at their disposal. We propose to the competitors, and their accompanying adult, various possibilities of lodging in the town.


The competition is open to pianists of all nationalities born in the year 2005 or later. This excludes relatives of jurors or pianists who have been students of the jurors during the last two years. First prizes of the previous edition are not allowed to inscribe in the same category.


The competition is divided into three age categories:

  • I Category (born in or after 2011)
  • II Category (born in 2008, 2009 or 2010)
  • III Category (born in 2005, 2006 or 2007)


I Category (maximum 12 minutes)

  1. One piece from the baroque period
  2. One etude of own choice
  3. One or more pieces of own choice

II Category (minimum 15 minutes – maximum 20 minutes)

  1. One piece from the baroque period
  2. One etude of own choice
  3. One or more pieces of own choice

III Category (minimum 25 minutes – maximum 30 minutes)

  1. One piece from the baroque period
  2. One etude of own choice
  3. First movement Allegroof sonata from the classical period
  4. One or more pieces of own choice

The entire programme has to be performed by heart.

Repetitions can be performed at the competitor’s discretion, as long as the total duration of the programme does not exceed the time limit.

The jury reserves the right to cut short or interrupt any of the tests if the contestant exceeds the maximum allotted time.

Repertoire changes can be made until June 1st 2022.


  • Stanislav Pochekin
  • Vladislav Bronevetzky
  • Federica Stellini
  • Felix Gottlieb
  • Puri Terrado
  • Jordi Benseny
  • Enric Prió


I Category

  • 1st Prize 500 €
  • 2nd Prize 300 €
  • 3rd Prize 200 €

II Category

  • 1st Prize 1,000 €
  • 2nd Prize 500 €
  • 3rd Prize 300 €

III Category

  • 1st Prize 2,000 € and a concert in the Auditorium Enric Granados, Lleida
  • 2nd Prize 1,000 €
  • 3rd Prize 500 €

All participants will receive diplomas of participation.

There is a possibility of awarding distinctions.

The decisions of the Jury are final with no appeal.

In order to receive the corresponding amount, the winners are obliged to participate in a performance at the award ceremony. The programme of the concert is set by the jury.


The application deadline is May 24th, 2022.

For organisational reasons, candidates are strongly advised to apply early.


The registration will be made through the application corresponding to the age of the participant. You do not have to pay to submit the application. Payment must be made once the organization has notified the participant of his acceptance in the competition.

In addition to the personal data and the repertoire, the registration application will also request:

  • Authorisation by the parent or legal guardian of the competitor
  • Identity card or passport of the candidate
  • Currículum vitae specifying studies, concerts offered, awards and diplomas and other aspects that the candidate sees fit
  • One current photo, suitable for reproduction


  • Once the application with all the other documents has been received, the candidate will receive an automatic response and the organisation will send an acknowledgement by e-mail within seven working days.
  • After the deadline, the organization will have until May 25thto send an email to all applicants informing them of their admission or non-admission to the competition. In the event that this information is not received, the applicant should contact the organizer.
  • The accepted candidates will have a week, from the time the organization  informs them of their admission, to pay the registration fee of € 50,00 (fifty euros) (costs charged to the issuer). This amount is non-refundable.


The number of participants is limited for calendar reasons. After the deadline for submission of applications, and in the case that more entries are received than the competition can accommodate, the competition board, which is composed by pianists belonging to the jury, will choose the number of candidates. The selection will be based on the various musical and pianistic aspects in the curriculum.


The organisation will contact the competitors who are accepted and will provide them with practical information about their travel to Lleida, and also with a list with several possibilities of accommodation in the town. The competition has advantageous arrangements with several hotels of the town.

All competitors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Supervisors are fully responsible for competitors at all times.


The organisation will provide to competitors with practice rooms with pianos in the music conservatory during the days of the competition.

Each candidate will have a short acoustic rehearsal in the competition hall according to the advertised schedule.


All selected candidates will be required to attend the reception of competitors, which will take place in Concert Hall 2 in the Auditorium, according to the following schedule:

  • III Category: Thursday, 30th June at 6 pm
  • II Category: Friday, 1st  July at 8 pm
  • I Category: Saturday, 2nd July at 8 pm

During the presentation of competitors, the organization will offer all information about these days in Lleida. We will also give the exact schedule to try the piano and the performance of each participant.


Thursday, 30h June

  • At 6 pm
    Presentation of competitors III Category
  • At 8 pm
    Opening concert (Free admission)

Friday, 1st July

  • Performances of competitors III Category
  • At 8 pm
    Presentation of competitors II Category

Saturday, 2nd July

  • Performances of competitors II Category
  • At 8 pm
    Presentation of competitors I Category

Sunday, 3rd July

  • Performances of competitors I Category
  • At 7 pm
    Announcement of winners and award ceremony
    After the ceremony, prize winners will give performances

Performances in all categories will be in alphabetical order determined by the first letter of each candidate’s family name. The starting letter for the 2nd Ricard Viñes Piano Kids and Youth will be determined by the organization. The exact schedule of the performance for each competitor will be given after the presentation of the competitors in their category.


The Town Council of Lleida reserves the right to record, broadcast and produce all the competition’s performances.


Please contact us by email:



The non-fulfilment of one or any of these rules or the refusal to accept the jury’s decisions may lead to exclusion from the contest, with no right of appeal. By submitting the application for the competition, the competitor accepts the stated rules.